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Travel information:

  • Big big smiles
  • Wonderfull live storytelling
  • Mumu – chicken, pig and vegetables cooked in a dirt oven
  • Sing sing – traditional party with local people dressed up in feathers and lots of colours. Songs and dances
  • Village life in the highlands
  • Tribal life – a people who still knows what we forgot
  • Nature as paradise

Our travels consist of two parts:

First part is a preparation course at Brenderup Højskole with lots of background information about PNG and the upcoming travel.
Secondly we have three adventurous weeks travelling around PNG, experiencing the above mentioned.

Former travellers have stated the following:

“The trip was in all ways fantastic. As of me, it was my first time in PNG, and although my expectations and actual experiences fit more or less, it really was overwhelming to go beyond civilisation, and get the PNG people and their way of thinking under my skin. All there is to say to that is Ayiiiiiiiiiiiii – the expression for joy and surprise. We heard that many times a day while we were there.

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