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Societies in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea – Denmark Educational and Cultural Exchange Friendship Society is our partners in PNG. The society belongs to the Southern Highlands Province, and is an umbrella organisation.


  • To strengthen the connection between DK and PNG
  • To support and improve the democracy in the local societies, the families and public organisations
  • To protect and promote the Papuan culture and environment through information and teaching at village level
  • To organise and perform courses
  • To promote and establish possibilities for higher education
  • To organise trade between PNG and DK

Under the umbrella society we have ten local societies:

  • Ponelama Local Society
  • Koali Lombo Course Centre
  • Pangia Cultural Centre
  • Local Society of Pondia Elementary School
  • Mendi Sub-Society
  • Kewenga Local Society
  • Imbongu Parish Society
  • Aiya Sub-Society
  • Kendagl Local Society
  • Kuma Local Society

The local societies work with:

  • Teaching
  • Textile and furniture production.
  • Guest houses
  • Establishing ”ressource” centers
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