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Facts about Papua New Guinea

Population: 5,2 million
A rea: 462 840 km2
Capital city: Port Moresby
Currency: China
Religion: Catholicism, Protestantism and tribal religions
Language: apr. 800 tribal languages. Official language is Pidgin English and English
Climate: Tropical, with great variety from area to area


Papua New Guinea
The country Papua New Guinea is made up of the eastern part of the island New Guinea and 600 other islands.

The pacific state, Papua New Guinea is situated Northeast of Australia.

Papua New Guinea was discovered by Europeans in 1525.
In the eighteen-hundreds missionaries and traders started to enter the area.
In 1884 Germany and Great Britain agreed on dividing the area between them.
Australia overtook administration of both areas after the first World War.
In 1975 the country got its independence. It is today member of the British Commonwealth.